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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wait... He won the bet?

I think Deadspin had this the other day, but I'd like to say that the fact that Jon Papelbon is still rocking the "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn haircut is one of the greatest subplots in baseball right now.

Two quick thoughts:

1.) Knowing how superstitious pitchers are (second only to hockey goalies) this thing could be around a very long while because he's a good pitcher and should keep making saves. He looks like he shaved it down a bit (just saw him close the game against Cleveland) which leads me to believe that he had it professionally cleaned up after the clubhouse hack job that was done.

2.) For those who bitch about an East Coast bias with regards to the Sox and Yanks, show me your closer's haircut - unless it's Mr. T's mohawk, shut the hell up. That is newsworthy hair.


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