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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nobody's perfect

I already wanted to chime in breifly about the first week of the new baseball season, especially before the Twins home opener this Tuesday against Oakland. I'm not kidding when I say that I would be as well served hanging out in front of Target than I would as a new season ticket holder.

I've never had season tickets to anything not counting a press pass to USHL Hockey and mid-major Division I Basketball. Needless to say, even the half season package I'm rocking now is a big deal. I say 41 games might not be enough. The Girl says to shut up and stop being a little bitch and that 81 games is absurd. I'll refrain from comment on this one.

The point? Target is handing out Opening Night tickets (four per family) from stacks upon stacks of them in the Twin Cities. I thought getting eight tickets in the same row a few eeks before the Red Sox came to town last year was weird but it looks to be par for the course. It baffles me, but much of life here does, so at least it's familiar.

  • The Tigers and Brewers have opened the season red hot with matching 5-1 records, going perfect into Sunday. Wow, who woulda thought, huh? Will it hold up? Not for Detroit and maybe for Milwaukee, but it's still fun to watch.
  • Jimmy Rollins saw his bid for a 56-game hit streak end this week after dragging out through an offseason. That had to be awful for him to sit and think and wait and wait. Honestly, I thought he would have dropped the streak on day one, but the first week isn't all that surprising. Hell, if Joe couldn't hold up with the constant pressure and the spikes in interest (the story goes that had he hit 57, he had a deal with Heinz ketchup waiting in the wings) I didn't think Jimmy had much of a shot. Nice run, though.
  • Braves - Mazzone = 53 runs to lead the majors since Rockin Leo left, according to ESPN. Are 53 runs the end of the world? Nope. Nor are any of the other fast or slow starts right now. For this, I won't jump on the White Sox, whip up the crowd for the Cubs or get too excited over individual stats until later this week. This is a good plan, just ask Barry Zito owners in the fantasy leagues... or Daniel Cabrera owners. Ouch, sorry, Tank.
  • At least one team a day has had double-digit runs in the video gameification of the sports world. After a few weeks with MLB 06: The Show I was a little suspicious of the amount of ground rule doubles. Granted, it depends on the parks - low walls in the outfield in Fenway mean more doubles there than in Pittsburgh, etc. - but in the first week, I've seen more ground rule doubles than I can remember in one week. Must be the old "Why does it rain when I wash my car?" thing, but it's still very strange. In the couse of a week I saw them hit by the White Sox in Chicago and several other parks not known for lowered walls. Weird.


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