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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Two for one night at Chavez Ravine

Rafael Furcal, you may be looking for long offseason getaways with Steve Bartman this year. No, seriously, you have angered the fanbase twice now in under six months. Good job, it takes a lot to get the ire of Cubs' fans up.

We now wait with baited breath to see just how hurt Derrek Lee's wrist really is, with citing that he'll be checked out in Chicago today. Something tells me that a negative X-ray shows that a sprained wrist is a sprained wrist, but Cubs' fans know it's never that easy.

Just like Kerry Wood can never just have a sore arm and that noise under the hood of your car is never just a 30 cent piece of plastic, the last piece that was holding together a very iffy team was steamrolled last night by Furcal just a few months after he spurned the Cubs to take a crazy contract in Los Angeles, which was crippled by injury a week into the season.

Making matters worse is the loss of the top lefty reliever in the process on the same play, when Scott Eyre hurt his leg somehow as he stumbled and flung the ball with his mitt. There's not a lot on that injury right now, either.

Keep your fingers crossed, Chicago fans - this could be the start of a rough season.

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