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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mariners Baseball

One of the fun things about the MLB Extra Innings package is the "local flavor" that seeps through on each broadcast.

While there are national ad campaigns for cars and American institutions like McDonald's and Target, there are also the regional businesses like In and Out Burger and small car dealerships. Bundled in with these are team promos, too.

For those of us who grew up near New York, Boston or Chicago, it's strange to consider that teams have to really get out there and hustle to move tickets. Oakland is forever trying to move tickets (and just covered their upper deck seasting to cut down on the number of unused seats, creating an artificial shortage) and the Twins are giving away tickets for free at Target.

It seems to be in large part a West Coast phenomenon, with the bigger fan bases taking the same tack as what Cubs fans are used to - a short commercial when tickets are available for upcoming home stands). Among the best for these team commercials are the Mariners. beat me to the punch on finding the posting, but here is one of the better ones.

Apparently, Jamie Moyer is a really good sport.


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