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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What the hell is that on your hand, Ichiro?

I'm watching tonight's game between the White Sox and the Mariners and the Chicago announcers begin discussing the wonder that is Ichiro, as required by law as part of MLB's anti-trust agreement.

Ichiro is basically just standing around in the outfield waiting for the next pitch, when he starts fiddling with his glove. (Screen capture at right.)

Only, it looks weird - much like a combination bat wing and spider web. Apparently, it's a production item by Mizuno, but damn if it doesn't look strange out there on TV.

According to Mizuno's web site, Miguel Tejada, Scott Rolen and Chipper Jones also use Mizuno, though not the same model - the GCP51 - which has been around since 2006.

Still, I can't remember seeing this thing before tonight. I've got to start paying better attention during games, and by that, I mean I've got to stop taking hourlong naps at several intervals throughout the afternoon and evening when games are being played.

(Image from WGN TV)



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