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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reporter hit with chair, Swisher laughs

For those not familiar with the Chicago print media, the Chicago Tribune is the gold standard, while it's younger cousin, the Sun-Times takes a bit of heat for its reporters and a perception that they're not as good as the Trib.

What the Sun-Times usually brings to the table is a looser style and what's seen as a more blue-collar approach. Seeing as the Trib owns the Cubs, it's only natural that the Sun-Times focus on the White Sox and that's where we get the general nonsense that is Jay Mariotti's career.

Still, it's nice when the underdogs find new ways to stay viable - especially in a dying industry - and this is a perfect example of that. Sox beat writer Joe Cowley agrees to be hit with a folding chair from Sox minor league conditioning coordinator, Dale Torborg. This is the same man who tried to steal bases off of AJ Pierzynski after the catcher's less than stellar results at keeping runners honest.

All of this plays out like a budget WWE interview with Nick Swisher doing a surprisingly good job as the interviewer.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Dale - Jeff Torborg's son - was also a professional wrestler and larger than your average refrigerator? Yeah, that, too.

More power to him - there's no way I would have ever agreed to this, no matter how long I'd been standing in the Arizona sun.

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