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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The big, fat oh-fer

While it was just mentioned in the last post, this clip officially deserves its own space for the bizarre combination of comedy, humiliation and cursing.

Joe Cowley has a series of Pros vs. Joes style competitions with the White Sox players and the first one, a contest against AJ Pierzynski's arm, does not go as well as Cowley had hoped.

The premise is simple - Pierzynski was only able to throw out a little over 16 percent of runners last season and Cowley figured if it was that simple, why not see how he'd fare. What he proved was that there are reasons players don't try to steal on 10 consecutive pitches and even if they did, they're professional athletes who have just a touch more speed than your average adult.

I think the funniest part of the clip is the obvious joy Pierzynski gets from thrashing his tormentor - just jawing at him once the tide turns and it becomes apparent that it isn't Cowley's day on the basepaths.

Then again, we all knew that AJ can chatter on with the best of them.

Hearing him run his mouth as he starts to stack up outs is almost enough to make me cheer for AJ by the end of the clip. Almost.

Also, players should be miked at all times when on the field of play. You could charge more than a couple of bucks for fans to watch the unedited feed and Id bet they'd pay gladly.

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