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Thursday, May 08, 2008

White Sox, pink beards

This season has already featured several White Sox players locked in what appears to be a contest to have the most bizarre facial hair (non-Backstreet division). It's been mocked on the blogs and imitated in the stands and now used to draw attention to breast cancer in time for Mothers' Day.

No longer will the day only be the time for pink bats as Nick Swisher, Toby Hall, Bobby Jenks and John Danks had their facial hair dyed pink Wednesday as they prepare for the weekend.

I guess this is what you resort to in the American League, where if you're a pitcher, or Toby Hall, you don't get to bat.

According to, Swisher said he'll keep it pink if the team gets hot, which signals to me that the team doesn't have high hopes of sweeping the Mariners over the weekend.

Take heart, dads, the players also have plans to go with the blue beards in time for Fathers' Day next month.

"Some people will wear wrist bands, but we'll wear this on our faces to show support," said Jenks, who confirmed he would paint his goatee blue for Father's Day.

I knew guys in high school who did the same thing, only they were looking to piss off their fathers at the time. I guess the rules of parenting change when you're cashing paychecks that big.

I just need to know if Joe Mauer is planning anything special with his sideburns. That sort of thing will get you tossed out of St. Paul on your ass in a hurry.

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  • I'm a tried and true white sox fan, having been indoctrinated at an early age by my uncle brad's (free) tickets). However, when you want to talk facial hair, you need to see my friend's sideburns:

    click for full view

    By Blogger nad, At Thursday, May 08, 2008 11:27:00 PM  

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