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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Piazza retires after 16 seasons

Mike Piazza has announced that he's officially done playing baseball and is more than happy to retire with the record for most home runs by a catcher (427) in a runaway.

Prior to today's announcement, he was tenth amongst all active players - the next catcher on the list is Ivan Rodriguez with 289 homers - and retires with a .308 career average.

I was a big fan of Piazza's in his Dodger days, but really, what's not to like about a story that tells a teenager that people who are in control aren't always right and occasionally are very, very wrong, as evidenced by Piazza's career numbers.

When he first came up and started hitting for power, the question that was gently posed was whether he'd have a shot at being one of the great Dodger hitters, at least for a catcher. Following decades behind Roy Campanella, it was hoped PIazza could at least come close to his numbers.

Does it strike anyone else as strange that he goes out of his way to thank the Mets fans in his farewell? Sure, he made the postseason in New York, but still, if I'm a Dodger fan, I'm more than a little upset tonight.

But hey, that 39 years old piece really snuck up on everyone, didn't it?

I've already seen a few snarky comments regarding how much easier the decision is when he's been sitting unsigned this season, but it seems that he's realized that, too.

"I knew this day was coming and over the last two years. I started to make my peace with it. I gave it my all and left everything on the field."

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