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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cubs to Padres, " No refunds, only store credit"

In a sentence that Chicago fans will find familiar, Mark Prior will be out of the lineup longer than expected because of a new injury to his shoulder that has cropped up.

While the news might give fans a sense of deja vu, the absence of a slight sickness in the pits of their stomachs will be new. Buyer beware.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:
Prior's agent, John Boggs, confirmed Friday that the pitcher has a tear in his right shoulder capsule. Prior, who had surgery on the shoulder last year, will be kept from throwing for at least two weeks and then be re-evaluated.

"We don't know exactly to what severity," Boggs said, "but obviously something is going on there."

And therein lies the ongoing frustration for Prior. Unlike a broken leg or other clear-cut injury, there have only been a series of odd injuries for the pitcher. While he's not the first pitcher to be plagued by a seemingly endless run of bad luck on the injury front, he's certainly one of the more talented ones in the past decade.

Can't we at least name a surgical procedure after the guy at this point?

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