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Friday, May 16, 2008

No one should be surprised

Some rogue t-shirt vendors are still selling the "Horry Kow" t-shirts outside of Wrigley Field? Even after they were asked politely to stop?


The fact that the Kosuke Fukudome hates the shirts doesn't seem to be doing much to deter sellers or buyers outside of the stadium. Wonderful.

According to the most recent story I found - Chicago is getting great publicity in Phoenix - the shirts are still widely available. Despite what the local papers have to say on the matter, the problem hasn't just magically disappeared.

Funny, I don't recall the White Sox having this problem with Tad Iguchi.

"My personal viewpoint is they're not blatantly racist," said John Weier, a vendor selling the Horry Kow T-shirts outside of the Cubby Bear Lounge at the corner of Addison and Clark Streets.

"It's a novelty T-shirt. We're not trying to hurt or offend anyone."

Weier knows Fukudome does not like the T-shirts, but said he has no qualms about selling them to fans, saying he was "trying to make a living."

Fukudome has called the T-shirts offensive and the Cubs were so concerned about them they forced many souvenir stands to remove the shirts last month. But Weier said the Cubs have no say over the street vendors, as long as they are not selling the T-shirts on club property.

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