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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here they are coming out of the turn...

Man, football season crept up fast, didn't it?

Almost made me forget there was a playoff race coming down to the wire in my backyard. Well, that and our fantasy league has been pretty interesting now that we're in our playoffs.

For the record, the injury bug hit the Jaleel White Sox hard this month and it's tough to get up for games anymore, but we'll keep plugging along.

So, where does it all stand?

The Braves have been offficially declared dead after 35 years of winning the NL East. Never saw that coming. The Cubs are being sent to AAA until they can get their heads right - and would there be a better sport for relegation European soccer-style?

I really wish this were the case, but logistically it'd be a nightmare. It's too bad, too - I think it'd be a lot more fun to watch teams try to rebuild and make the majors, but there'd be a lot of hard selling done to convince small-market teams to build major league stadiums with no promises that there'd be major league games.

Maybe we can get a secondary idea like the second-to-last place team gets to cherry pick any player from the last place team or a combination of the bottom two or three teams.

Wouldn't you play a little harder if you knew your team could lose it's ace with a bad finish?

* Ryan Howard has surprised the hell out of me this year. In a relatively quiet season (buzz-wise, not numbers-wise) he's leading in RBI and HR this morning.

I thought he'd be a good player, just not this good and not this soon. I can admit that now. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Ryan.

* In your AL Central update, Minnesota is three games up on the champs. Yikes.

We got our postseason ticket information last week. Looks like that might be a real possibility. That's kind of strange to write, especially after the way the season kicked off.

There's still time for the White Sox to catch up, but they need to do so quickly. Oh, did you know the final series of the season is in the Dome and is Twins/White Sox?

Just so you know.

* For any Red Sox fans still holding out hope, go re-read the stories about Jonathon Papelbon's injury. He said if the Sox were still in the hunt or had any hope for the season he'd be out there.

He's not out there.

There's always 2004, campers.

It's too bad that both he and Francisco Liriano blew out before the season ended. Kind of a bummer - both were a lot of fun to watch. Liriano jerseys sprung up all summer in the seats in Minnesota and his return lit up phone lines with Twin Cities sports talk stations last week.

I guess the trick is resisiting the urge to try and win right now in cases like these. Still, it adds a new flavor to each of those teams to trot out staffs without those guys in them.

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