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Monday, August 07, 2006

History repeating

Can I make a confession?

Occasionally, I get that feeling, that I'm sure a lot of guys do - things are OK, you've been together for a while now and you just get a little antsy.

Most of the time it passes, you go back to regualr life and don't think about it again. This time though, I figured I'd share with The Girl.

"Honey?" I said as we were curled up on the couch watch baseball last week. "I think I would have made an excellent White Sox fan."

There are days where I look strictly at the math and it's pretty obvious that I should have been a White Sox fan considering my geographical situation and how I'm a general pain in the ass and don't like making conventional choices.

Then things like this keep happening and I think things are better the way they are, because this shit would just drive me nuts.

I'm not just talking about the big flare ups like the "Jay Mariotti is a fag" issue, although really, he couldn't have found any other slam for Mariotti? I mean, Lord knows there are a lot of things to call that hack that are acceptable to all races, creeds and sexual orientations.

My main beef would be the little things that cause problems.

Case in point is the little feud between Guillen and Mariano Duncan from the link above. Here's how it usually works for posting to the blog - when I'm at work and come across something blog-able, I copy the link, e-mail it to myself and work my way through those as the week goes on.

Some of the links go dead and some just aren't as interesting or become dated by the time I can get to them. Then again, sometimes Ozzie goes back for more and I can stretch things another few weeks. That's what happened here - a one-day story got legs by him stirring the embers again. For my money, there's no really good reason to go back there, but that's just my opinion.

This is all in the front of my mind this week as I read a pretty good piece on Joe Torre over the weekend and how his media management keeps the Yankees afloat year to year. While he also draws attention from the field to keep the season playable for his guys, there seems to be a big difference between his and Ozzie's styles of "protective" management where Torre works like a press secretary in the Clinton White House, trying to control the news cycle, trading information for one-day news cycles, minimizing damage and maximizing spin.

It's more of a "for what it's worth" kind of thing when I saw the two links in my inbox and figured I'd add my two cents to the fray. That and I've been looking for a half hour to try and find the link, but it was another leftover post from the last beanball war about how if you're in the opposite dugout you should be throwing at Sox batters all the time to throw off the starter (especially if they're having a good day) to get men on base, throw the starter off his rhythym and get Ozzie all riled up.

He made a good point. Let me know if you know where to find that and I'll post it, too. I thought it came off South Side Sox, but can't find it now.

Also, I'm still late to the party on Palehose Six, too but check it out if you're not getting print copies of the Daily Southtown.

The hating will begin anew tomorrow.

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