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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dome field advantage

There are still plenty of games to play and ways to fail, but it's come up at the house, so it's worth considering.

The Red Sox could see the Twins this fall and nothing makes me feel sicker.

"Someone at work the other day asked about that," The Girl said. "They asked what we'd do and I told them I'd probably wear my Twins stuff and you'd wear your Red Sox stuff and talk a lot of trash at home."

Apparently having only a passing interest during the 2003 playoffs didn't scar her enough to keep her in the fold. You think you know someone...

For the record (and not including games still wrapping up, save for the Red Sox second loss to Kansas "the Bucky Dent of horseshit towns" City the AL has a pretty close race whipping through the dog days here.

From east to west, it's New York by three and a half, Detroit by nine and Oakland by three and a half.
The Wild Card is the same story with Chicago and Minnesota tied (the Sox are winning against New York right now), Boston is one back and Toronto is six and a half out.

The chances of Minnesota catching Detroit are pretty slim (I think Chicago has a better shot at the Tigers (6-4 in the last 10; two-game losing streak) but Boston could overtake the Yanks if they keep kicking balls around the outfield like they did in the second inning tonight.

Like I said, there's a lot of baseball left, but it's within the realm of possibility.

That said, I was thinking of how strange the Metrodome is, in that for an indoor park, where things should be pretty equal, they are anything but. Minnesota has the best home record (most wins, because I'm too lazy to work the percentage) in the division at 39-16 and that's the best in the majors as well.

How fucked up is that?

Despite the recent arm problems Francisco Liriano has developed, he might come back with a little rest and be ready for the home stretch. Johan Santana is on the short list of pitchers you'd ever want to see, much less in a short series and if they can find a good way to get the ball to Joe Nathan without the home crowd collectively emptying their bowels, they might have something.

My point is this - even with a near fatal mosey out of the starting gates, the Twins have found ways to win at home. They win with Carlos Silva, Brad Radke and Scott Baker on the hill. They win with Santana and Liriano with the ball. Hell, I'm pretty sure they found a way to pad the stats for a grown-assed man named Boof. Figure that one out.

If you're a fan of the Tigers, Red Sox, White Sox or Yankees, do you really want to see Santana or Liriano in your yard and then have to play on the green concrete and stupefying ceiling at the Dome? Exactly.

For a team that's not so scary on paper, they really shook me when I started thinking about it. When we hear about home field help, we think of the fans at Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Shea or those fucking Thunder Sticks in Anaheim. We don't think of the Metrodome.

Maybe we should.

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