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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yeah, what he said... and he won tonight, too

While lurking on the Deadspin boards tonight, I figured I'd hit a couple of links and see what some of the posters are up to.

I found this interesting post about Pat Neshek, at the To Fuss Is Human, To Rant, Divine (and who needs an acronym in a baaaaad way) and his breakout month/fucked up delivery. Neshek, whose jersey appeared a few rows in front of us Tuesday night, officially qualified as a finalist for the "Strangest Jersey I've Seen in the Stands All Year" award.

Really? A rookie with 13 games under his belt and you have the jersey?

Maybe he was related or something.

In any event, he's been a quiet addition to the ballclub (called up July 7 and lost in the shuffle with the Garza call-up), but you can never really have too many submariners on a team, in my opinion. Also, he has a blog that you can link to off TFIHTRD and isn't half bad. It pops up every now and again in stories from the cities about Twins players, their hobbies and such.

Local kid, went to Madison and he's doing great - like six hits (two for homers) in 19.2 innings pitched great. As has been pointed out, we'll see if guys get used to the delivery, but I figure that won't be until next season or playoff baseball, whichever comes first. Also, both his homers have been given up to left-handed batters. This was a big enough concern tonight to keep him warming up through part of the seventh and eighth innings until the righties came up in Cleveland's batting order.

His splits from left to right - ERA of 2.45/0.00; 10/20 Ks and lest you think I'm skewing the numbers - a.) Fuck you and b.) It's 7.1 to 12.2 innings pitched.

For now, though, keep in mind Hideo Nomo rode a fucked up delivery all the way to a Rookie of the Year Award.

Now if he can just get a handle on lefties...

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