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Monday, August 14, 2006

The black hole that is the Chicago Cubs season

Don't blog angry... don't blog angry...

I think I'll settle for mildly annoyed. I ran across a mailbag session at this evening and it's typical Cubdom at its finest.

Sandwiched in between multiple questions about the farm team, Kerry Wood/Mark Prior's health, contracts for the only players that pass as stars and more questions about the farm team were great inquiries about Juan Pierre's laundry, why Michael Barrett won't qualify for a shot at a batting title and why they'd trade that nice Greg Maddux boy.


Seems like the Cubby fans are a little confused by it all. This shouldn't shock anyone at this point.

Adding fuel to the fire was a throw-away type post on Deadspin about that awful collapse in 2004 when the Cubs did everything but allow randomly selected fans to play the first three innings of every game as they did seemingly everything possible to choke their way out of a playoff spot.

I'm not even sure if Cubs games are even being broadcast to a naqtional audience anymore. I haven't seen them in weeks and generally look away. Gawking at a car wreck is one thing - gawking at a car wreck with someone you know inside is emotionally scarring.

Seriously, though - I can't even identify any pitcher on the starting staff after Carlos Zambrano, who seems to be the kind of guy who will get the hell out of Dodge and go find a winner sooner versus later. It's pretty crippling to see the Cubs trotting out rookie after rookie when they are obviously not ready to play at this level.

I've heard a lot of talk about Matt Garza coming up for the Twins and he seems relatively set to compete. Some of these other clowns? Not so much.

Still, we have Cubs fans complaining about laundry twice (Pierre's shirt and when will names be put back on the home jerseys - the answer is next year) and the ever popular "Hey, let's put Kerry Wood in the bullpen!" brainstorm usually fueled by no fewer than 13 PBR's at Hi-Tops.

Fucking assholes.

As Frank the Tank is fond of pointing out, there are Cub fans and Wrigley fans and the problem is that the Wrigley fans shell out stupid sums of money to feed a corporate owner that can keep churning out crap and making a profit on it.

You could start a AAA team (or, you know, just half of one like they're doing now) and still sell the place to the rafters and it's enough to drive a man nuts.

If you don't think that at least a small portion of the South Siders' desire to win wasn't fueled by hundreds of "Hey, Jerry! What are you doing to my White Sox? You fucking suck." comments over the years, then you're a damn fool.

It's kind of hard to do that without some serious research into the Tribune's board of directors.

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