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Monday, July 24, 2006

White Sox fans rejoice!

While it's not official yet, ESPN is reporting that Alfonso Soriano will be rented by the Chicago White Sox for the remainder of the season.

The Detroit Tigers have just vaulted ahead to lead the American League in SPR (shit to pants ratio - it's a technical term we Sabermaticians use).

This is on the heels of the acquisition of Mike MacDougal from the Royals who was a fantasy darling in his All-Star 2003 rookie season until being sidelined by arm trouble. All told, it's shaping up to be a good month for the White Sox on the trade front.

Damn, that kills me to have to admit that.

Adding one of the most productive hitters of the season (31 HR / 62 RBI / .361 OBP / .288 Avg.) to a lineup that didn't really need the help seems a little unfair. Like having a knife in a gunfight unfair.

Enjoy that Yankees, Twins, Blue Jays, Rangers and Angels fans. Tiger fans, you might want to take a minute and wipe up a little.

We'll wait.

* Also off the wires today, the Washington Nationals have a new daddy! According to ESPN, Major League Baseball has announced the official transfer of ownership from MLB to a group headed by Ted Lerner; named Mike Rizzo assistant general manager and vice president of baseball operations. First order of business? Keep your team's only real star from flying the coop to keep your fan base in check. Or immediately trade him to the White Sox.

* Sandy's back in Chicago with the eldest Alomar brother coming back one more time for the White Sox. How old is that guy now? 45? 50?

* Bob Wickman is living out of a HoJo's in Atlanta now, signaling the end of Cleveland's season. Hope you had fun, Indians fans. Your team no longer cares this year. Now, who the fuck is Max Ramirez?

* The Cubs have polished brass (the Scott Williamson for prospects trade) and rearranged deck chairs (Derek Lee to the DL) on the Titanic. This has been going on in some way, shape or form every season since 50 years before the actual Titanic sank.

(Image from - Yes, that's William Lidge. Yes, he's drinking to Soriano tonight.)


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