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Monday, November 12, 2007

When playing in Miami, always wear sunscreen

Good morning, Free Agent Class of 2007 and welcome to the open market.

While this is a first-time adventure for some, others have been here before and I can only imagine how exciting this must be for those of you who have been with your organizations since the minor leagues. Congratulations to Jorge Posada, who appears to be exiting the free agent pool after a quick dip.

For others, you're about to make the next stop on what has turned out to be a journeyman's career. Don't feel too bad, not many players stick around with the same team anymore. Hell, even Jackie Robinson was traded at the end, right?

So, in a world where players leave millions on the table to escape playing in the Bronx, teams like the Angels and Rangers figure to be major players in the free agent market, the Cubs are willing to spend money and the Red Sox now have bookended World Series trophies, things can only continue to be interesting, right?

For a decent breakdown of the rumor mill as of Monday morning, check out this quick list compiled by that was posted today.

Here is the ever-popular Free Agent Tracker.

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