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Friday, November 02, 2007

See, if I were you...

Hot on the heels of the brilliant Alex Rodriguez Choose Your Own Adventure is this game, hosted by

In an open free agent market, it's a pick 'em game to try and predict where this year's free agent class will end up. Considering what a crapshoot the first week of free agency has turned out to be, this is essentially a lottery drawing instead of a game of skill, but good for MLB for sticking their nose in there.

Of course, it's sponsored by and has a wrinkle with an added confidence points section, but all in all it should be a lot of fun for the weekend at least.

For anyone who thought NCAA brackets were a shot in the dark, this game will make your head hurt. And for the record there's no option for "no team" for Mike Cameron given his recent PR blowouts.

I have to admit, I have no idea where half of these guys are headed and the speculation changes on an hourly basis, but it's still a moderate amount of fun despite the onslaught of spam that is now headed my way for entering.

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