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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Twins think retractable roofs are for the weak

Think back two years to the Detroit Tigers and their big push to the World Series. It was late October in Detroit - a city that is significantly further south than Minneapolis and is aided in cold weather by multiple car fires at all times of the day and night - and much was being made of the weather and how it impacted everything from hamstrings to starting pitching.

While I understand the basics of stadium funding and that money for a new ballpark is finite, couldn't the Twins have found a coupon for a free roof in the Sunday paper or something? What if they waited for the paper that comes out after Thanksgiving.

Regardless, the team is plowing ahead after apparently clearing up some eminent domain issues over abandoned asphalt, and has released the same pictures as before in addition to - wait for it - a virtual flyby of the new space.

Points for leaving the naming rights up for grabs at "Minnesota Twins Ballpark" instead of trying to force Target's hand or something.

Given today's technology, can't we do some weather simulations to see exactly how far into your throat your nuts will retreat during a game after dark in October? How about estimating just how blue the elderly will turn if left outside during an extra-innings game in April?

I'm betting it's navy.

Given the team's owner, I'd assume more thought would be spent on those sorts of logistics. Sounds like someone got cocky when he bought a hip hop station. Running around now, thinking he's gangsta...

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