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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Schilling back for one more year

Curt Schilling just posted to his blog that he and the Red Sox have agreed to a one-year deal that's full of all sorts of incentive clauses, not the least of which is a weigh-in clause designed to help him keep his girth down in the offseason. If you think that won't be driven into the ground on all sorts of message boards before Spring Training, you're a damned fool.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here's Will Leitch's take on Schilling from his NY Times blog during this year's playoffs. I've just been waiting for some substantial Schilling news to post it with.

While Red Sox Nation rejoices, here are the three points of his full post that I thought were most interesting.

1.) $1 million for receiving a Cy Young vote, any vote.

Weird. I wonder if this hurts or helps the chances of him getting a vote next year. What's to say that one of his pals in the media doesn't offer up a mercy vote as a retirement present? On the flip side, what's to say that a polarizing character like Schilling doesn't drive off all voters, regardless of his final record?

More on this when the 2007 Cy Young winners are announced.

2.) Bottom line is Mr Henry, Mr Werner, Mr Lucchino, Theo, Tito and John wanted me to come back, and I wanted to be back. So it’s all good. Saying it’s not ‘about the money” is a lie too. Both sides have a price, at some number I was not a viable option for the Red Sox, and at another number the Sox might have become a non-contender to us, but we both wanted this to happen and it did. Contrary to what some ‘insiders’ think they know, they don’t. Theo and I have an enormously respectful and friendly relationship and the same can be said for all three owners. As far as Tito goes, well I have too much dirt on him to ever worry about him selling out on me…

Isn't it nice when something as open and shut as returning a veteran pitcher is actually taken care of in a straightforward manner like this? Makes me all warm, fuzzy and damn near Boras-proofed on the inside.

3.) I’ve already heard from Josh and Wake, and am excited to know that my last year in the game will be with a team that has another legitimate chance to win the World Series. Also, the thought of being able to be teammates with this incredible group, for a final run is pretty damn cool.

"Last year" is the strange part here. Granted, I've been in fan limbo with Brett Favre for three years and counting, but still, to have an athlete cop to this is pretty odd. Someone remind me where this post is in a year if Schilling changes his mind.

Update: See, I'm not the only one who figured this out. Little did I know that Boston writers apparently have the votes next year.

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