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Saturday, October 27, 2007

There's a reason they're the Cubs

Much like the Cubs' hitters in this year's playoffs, the crews working on gutting and replacing the playing surface at Wrigley Field got stuck halfway down the first base line before they were stopped.

Should that be the bad sign, or does that dubious honor fall to the fact that the Cubs needed the White Sox to loan them their head grounds keeper to get the job done (with the Fenway infield is also on his resume).

Honest to God, the first fan that makes a comment next year about how the Cubs are due for a change of fortune next spring because the old dirt has been sent packing is in line for a complimentary backhand from the closest baseball fan with a clue.

According to the Chicago Tribune (now with video!) there was a problem with the Chicago Bears acting like a bunch of college seniors moving out after graduation and just leaving a bunch of crap for the landlords to deal with later.

Only, instead of a couch that smells like Bigfoot crashed there for two weeks in July, the Bears left a chunk of concrete underground that reportedly should have been removed when they left in 1970.

Personally, I'm heading down there tomorrow morning - the grounds crew has instructions to chuck those puppies and Frankie and my brother-in-law have birthdays and Christmas presents I need to think about.

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