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Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's really not a story without Sir Charles

The indispensible Bugs & Cranks pulled this interview with Charles Barkley from ESPN and it's worth a listen.

Barkley does his best to break down the argument without playing the race card, citing Bonds' fan-unfriendly reputation as the big reason that he's worn such a target on his back.

I need to do some serious digging here to see exactly what the other big players in the current steroid scandal said under oath, because that's the crux of the argument in my opinion.

While everyone had a good laugh at Jason Giambi's non-committal apology for unnamed and unknown sins and Mark McGwire's desire to speak about the future - not the past - under oath, it appears that those two had the good sense not to deny drug use that could come back later to bite them in the ass.

From what I'm reading, Bonds and his lawyers didn't think that was such an intelligent path.



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