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Monday, August 13, 2007

Feel good comebacks 2-for-2 this year

With the sudden - and some will say completely unexpected resurgence of Rick Ankiel - this week, baseball has seen two of its hard-luck cases find their feet when you add Josh Hamilton to the mix.

Ankiel, the newest outfielder for the Cardinals and Deadspin man-crush, and Hamilton, a recovering addict who has spoken openly and honestly about his past and the safeguards in place to try and keep a relapse at bay, have both announced their return to the major leagues with flashy stats once they hit the field again.

Hamilton has put up impressive power numbers, despite injuries this year - 14 HR, 30 RBI in 65 games - and seems to be on the straight and narrow with the eyes of baseball fans everywhere on him.

Ankiel is the feel good story following the All-Star Break, seemingly backing up his potential and talent with a stellar week. He has three homers in only four games and is poised to be the darling of the national media until the playoff hunt heats up in earnest.

While all of this could be moot tomorrow, it's nice to see two players come back in the same season and at least clear the first hurdle on long trips back to becoming everyday players in majors.

Elijah Dukes, take notes. And maybe a few free counseling sessions from Dr. Marvin Monroe or something.

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