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Sunday, August 05, 2007

How did I miss this?

One of the strange things about going to Twins games was always the man lurking on the Astroturf who was responsible for one of the most devastating incidents in Chicago Cubs history.

There, prowling the infield, was the man whose bat sparked what is arguably the most crippling fly out in baseball history.

Luis Castillo, a happy, reliable little second baseman always made me a little angry, even at the Metrodome. With a simple pop foul down the left field line, Castillo changed the course of baseball history.

Reaching base on a wild pitch, Castillo kept the rally alive and the rest is both history and a constant highlight whenever the Cubs play in a do-or-die game.

The piece I hadn't put together until tonight is that Castillo now shares a locker room with the left fielder who couldn't get to the ball - old Pee Hands himself, Moises Alou.

It'd be like Mookie Wilson sharing a bench with Bill Buckner or Bobby Thomson holding an elevator door at the team hotel for Ralph Branca. This should be a major strike against free agency - it's too hard to keep the hatred alive for more than a few seasons.

Then again, Derek Lee was also key in the same inning, so I guess I should keep my stupid mouth shut, huh?

Still, I honestly wonder if they ever talk about it. I'd like to think Alou made it very uncomfortable for Castillo when he arrived in New York.

It make me feel better.

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