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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Johan being Johan

Oh, how I missed this.

It was Day 1 of Spring Training for me in Fort Myers and while the sunshine and salty air is nice and all, it's time to get down to business. Between this and our league draft tonight, it's a big day for baseball in my little corner of the world.

For those who have never seen Johan Santana pitch, do so as quickly as you can. He gets lost in the shuffle a bit with the smaller market team, but seeing him live - and in the spring, no less - and then uploading 160 pictures from the day, it's given me a renewed appreciation on the man and his delivery.

Sure, they're not all winners, but scrolling through several series of shots from his outing to make it look like an old news reel, he hits more than he missed and looks so effortless while he does it.

Here are four picked at random and without an eye to shot composition, just to give you a little bit of the flavor.


(Photos taken for Siberian Baseball)

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