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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We're still waiting, Bud

The rumored deal between MLB and Direct TV sparked a bit of a firestorm at the Mothership, picking up more comments than any other post there in just a little over a year.

Most of this centered around Direct TV service and quality debates from people who had used them before or currently have the service.

For my part, I work with an engineer who spent some time working for the provider who essentially warned me about the whole dish thing - essentially, for Minnesota, the times you really want to watch TV when it's cold, or raining or there's a bad snowstorm, are the precise times when the dish is at its worst - and the whole thing took on legs from there.

Today off the Deadspin links is a friendly reminder that the issue isn't resolved yet, but with a small glimmer of hope for the baseball faithful. A million thanks to The Luke Report for giving me this small, if imperfect life raft.

Remember the Spiderman bases? Those went away pretty quickly when the fans went into an uproar - a fact that escaped me until tonight - and we can all hope that the Direct TV fiasco runs along those same lines.

Granted, it doesn't excuse keeping fans in limbo, possibly trying to force us to use the Internet-based games or the fact that if the dish's lawyers did their homework, MLB might be caught in a legal rundown (See what I did there? Used a baseball metaphor in a baseball-related discussion. See? See? All right...) with regards to backing out of this deal, but it's something.

Maybe my one-man, one e-mail writing campaign hit the monster in its dark, money hungry heart. I doubt it, but it's nice to feel a part of the resistance.

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