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Monday, January 15, 2007

Willis re-sings for one more year in Florida

Dontrelle Willis signed a one-year, $6.45 million contract Monday according to and it just keeps me scratching my head to watch the Marlins go on-again, off-again with contracts and fire sales after two (two!) World Series wins in their short history.

I'm not quite sure how I'd feel as a Marlins fan with that type of history - I can only imagine how much that will screw with a kid's head. It's devastating to watch your favorite player leave town (Thank God Ryne Sandberg never left or I'd be a borderline lunatic today) but wholesale cuts like the Marlins are prone to must be enough to turn young fans off to baseball forever.

Then, they go and award this contract for Willis to play with a bunch of Who-dats to those who aren't obsesive fantasy players or living in the Miami area.

Signing Willis is a no-brainer for any team - why the Marlins continue to pick and choose while offloading entire rosters leaves me puzzled. I'm wondering how much of a fight they'll put up for him when this contract expires.

From ESPN:
"I'm very happy," Willis told The Associated Press on Monday night. "How can you not be? I'm very appreciative to go out and have the opportunity to play baseball."

No kidding - you think, Doctor?



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