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Friday, December 22, 2006

The quick rundown

Two off-the-field stories today - Dontrelle Willis was reportedly stopped for a DWI and Ken Griffey Jr. has a broken hand.

The 24-year-old Willis was stopped for allegedly urinating in the middle of the street while he left the Bently running. The kicker is that the police first started paying attention to him when he double-parked the car in Miami Beach.

Bummer, but not a huge deal, especially if he keeps his nose clean in the future, eight?

Griffey will be in a cast for three weeks after breaking is hrowing hand at home, but the team is staying quiet on the details until Junior gives them the OK to release those.

For now, I think Reds fans are just happy it's a hand and not another leg problem.

On a personal note, I hope there's some crazy story behind this.

Ballplayers never seem to be injured in any normal way. If I had to pick, I'd like to see a Wii-related injury.

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