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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It was a joke, I swear

I was only kidding, Minnesota Twins management - by using two players like Jeff Cirillo and Jeromy Burnitz, I was saying those would be bad signings this offseason.

Still, today the Twins are set to announce a one-year deal with the man most likely to be confused with an STD.

So let's break this down so we don't have to come back to this later:

The 37-year-old Cirillo batted .317 in 112 games with three homers and a whopping 23 RBI last year. This of course, clears the way to slot Jason Kubel in as a backup to get more experience and move Rondell White into left field.

I can't see how this will fail.

I'm all for "change of scenery" moves and trades made to jumpstart a failing career, but you know how I was talking the other day about adding a big bat to the lineup in the DH spot?

Three home runs does not a big bat make. Not even close.

Cirillo has been a solid player for the Brewers for many years, but as the showcase bat in a lineup? Not so much.

Most AL teams would kill for a one-two punch like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau and wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on a bopper to either protect those two or to serve as a bigger catalyst in the lineup.

Not the Twins, though. They're more than happy to push whoever will sign for under $2 million a year into the on-deck circle.

How is this not a subject worth debating about for hours on SportsCenter? You have the AL MVP and the batting champ on a playoff team which has made the postseason in four of the last five years and the brass brings in Jeff Cirillo as the calvary?

It's practically a crime against humanity.

(Photo from the Associated Press)

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