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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Big day for pitching

Good info piece by Jerry Crasnick on today about the guys who'll be in contract years this year and the prohibitive bets about whether they'll sign this year or hit the free agent market next off-season.

Say what you will about Christmas coming earleir and earlier each year, this is really getting out ahead of the curve on this one. A 2007-2008 off-season article before 2007 is really staying on top of things.

If the Cubs don't shell out the cash to resign Carlos Zambrano, they're officially back to the usual swing of bad ideas, decisions and luck. Then again, if the agents for Zambrano don't mug these guys in the parking lot, they're not doing their jobs right.

Honestly, I think Zambrano should be paid whatever the hell he wants, just because he dumped Scott Boras. Let's try and make this a trend, shall we?

* Brad Radke has officially called it a career in Minnesota. More on this once I gather my thoughts. It's all so sudden, I don't even know how to react...

* Also on the radar for everyone should be the Rangers signing Eric Gagne. He passed his physical and is on his way. It's strange that such a dominating arm was essentially scrap heap material this year, although the injuries have really limited him the past two seasons.

He was the terrifying closer in 2004 and now he's an interesting arm, but not generating the level of heat the Barry Zito and the rest of the free agent pitchers are.

Maybe he needs new entrance music? Something more Canadian? Just throwing things out here.

(Odd sidenote: The Rangers reissued a new jersey for manager Ron Washington so that Gagne could keep his number 38. That's pretty cool. )

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