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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bert, Bert, Bert

I'm sure it's hard to tell sometimes when you play half your games in front of a crowd that is run by remote control via the center field scoreboard, but is Bert Blyleven this stupid?

To set the scene, Joe Nathan is out in the bottom of the ninth with none on and two out against Lance Berkman.

The count runs to 3-2, prompting this exchange between color man Blyleven and the play-by-play guy, Dick Bremer:

"Not too many times at the visiting ballpark that you see the fans get up. They want Joe to strike him out!"
"You think so," asks Bremer.
"Yeah, normally at home, you know, everyone gets up and says, 'Come on Joe Nathan.' I mean, they're applauding Joe right here. I'm liking Houston more and more. They want the Twins to win."

Now, Bert should know better after actually playing baseball at the major league level. At home, with a batter up and the count full in the bottom of the ninth, most fans will stand and cheer for their guy.

I wish I could say he was kidding, but he was dead serious as he's saying this and I TiVo'd it at least 10 times to get it down verbatim.

When Bert talks, even if it's at the supermarket, it makes the baby Jesus cry.

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