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Monday, June 19, 2006

Number 52 in your programs, number 52 in your hearts

Welcome to the Red Sox, Kyle Snyder! I hope you don't mind if we don't give you a locker. Can you borrow someone else's uniform pants? You brought your own glove, right? OK, cool, we were worried about that.

Every now and again, I'm reminded that as much as we'd like to believe as fans that our team is out there all season, grinding away, fighting every pitch of every inning of every game that sometimes teams just say "fuck it."

I give to you Exhibit A, Kyle Snyder.

Looking more than a little like Bronson Arroyo, Snyder is on the hill as I write this and isn't doing too badly, but doesn't look like a world beater, either.

Considering he's an injury-prone hurler that the Kansas City Royals deemed to be an inferior player, I'm not holding my breath. The most Tito was able to say about him on record was that any innings he chewed up was time that wasn't spent dipping into the bullpen.

Thanks, Coach! Let's fire it up!

All signs point to the start tonight and an instant demotion as the Sox limp to the All-Star game hoping to heal up with the weird schedules that always pop up this time of year.

If you ask me, the problem isn't the bullpen - it's the choices made about who to warm up out there. Even so, it's a start at Fenway - good for you, Snyder.


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