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Monday, October 27, 2008

Silver linings

Let's say for the sake of argument that you have a job like mine that requires you to work some odd hours without much warning.

Let's say that, like me, you had a meeting planned for this evening with someone who flew from several states away and can't reschedule because there's a small window to meet up.

Let's also say that, like me, you died a little on the inside when you realized there was really no way that you'd be able to see much of the World Series game tonight.

Now, let's say that all of the those hypotheticals line up, but you're also a Phillies fan.

Tonight's game suspension looks a helluva lot better, doesn't it?

My apologies to the guy who has to work late on Tuesdays.

Late update, courtesy of Deadspin:

"SportsNet is reporting that the Rays checked out of their hotel in Philadelphia. That hotel is now booked solid. Life's funny. Maybe just because of that, I'll order room service again."


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