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Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'd expect that from a Sox fan

For anyone who missed the Saturday Night Live special Thursday feature, you missed Bill Murray standing up and asking what the candidates would do to help the Cubs and their fans.

From Maureen Walker's The Watcher blog:

Bill Murray, who appeared as himself in a sketch lampooning the town-hall presidential debate last Tuesday, asked Sen. John McCain (Darrell Hammond) and Sen. Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) what they would do to ensure that the Cubs would never lose in the playoffs again.

"Last week, in the National League divisional playoffs, the Chicago Cubs faced the Los Angeles Dodgers. In Game 1, the Cubs lost 7-3. In Game 2, they lost 10-3 and in Game 3, 3-1. What, as president, would you do to guarantee that this never happens again? Senators, in your answers, please be specific,” Murray asked.

“That's a fair question, William, but let's face it, the Cubs may very well be in the playoffs again, perhaps even next year. If so, they will lose again, and they will keep right on losing year after year after year, because that is what the Cubs do. We as a nation have got to wean Cubs fans away from supporting that team and train them to root for other teams – teams that will actually have a chance at winning,” Armisen-as-Obama said.

"Senator McCain?" moderator Tom Brokaw (Chris Parnell) asked.

“Here I have to agree with my opponent,” Hammond-as-McCain said. “Let me give you some straight talk, my friends: The Cubs will never win the pennant, much less the World Series! Junior over there, he won’t tell you that. I just did.”

The thing is that as a Sox fan, the answer from actual Obama might not be far off.

Still, I'm betting that in addition to the fan who has made news lately for auctioning off his fanhood, you'd have quite a few takers if you could jump ship like seeking political asylum.

I wonder how many would jump to the South Side if there would be no repercussions. To be honest, the bandwagon is still pretty full, despite all of these unpleasant twists and turns.

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