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Friday, October 17, 2008

Big brass ones

Say what you will about Curt Schilling's political leanings and tendency to maybe, occasionally run his mouth at the wrong time, but he has to be one of the more interesting athletes to grace the national scene in the past 20 years.

That he dares to do this in an age of constant media attention - in Boston, no less - where text messages can end up as bulletin board fodder - is either brave or very, very stupid depending on where you stand.

Regardless, Schilling will have a solid reputation when he's finished for being incredibly accessible as a player between his blog, calls to sports radio hosts and posting on fan boards.

Case in point was last night's Sox game where Schilling threw out the first pitch (and bounced it).

With David Ortiz coming to bat, Schilling posted a simple prognostication on the Sons of Sam Horn board:

Incoming Sox walkoff...

While Schilling and the fans had to wait a bit, he got his wish. I just want to know where he posted from. Blackberry? A reporter's laptop? Theo's office?

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