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Saturday, October 04, 2008

This is a new one

Honestly, in my years of being a fan of sports, I can't recall ever hearing of Muslim intervention. Sure, people pack churches on Sundays and keep checking their watches to make sure they see the kickoff for the Bears' game. I've heard plenty of priests joke that they'll keep it short to reach that end.

On Opening Day this season, I saw a few rows of Cubs jerseys in my church a mile from Wrigley for the morning service.

Safe to say, there are plenty of prayers for the home team sneaking in amongst the serious pleas to a higher power.

But honestly, never Muslims.

Until now.

The prayerful will arrive at Wrigley Field this afternoon to try and right the sinking ship. My favorite quote is at the end of the piece:

Islamic scholar Inamul Haq said seeking Allah's intervention is usually reserved for serious concerns such as bringing rain to a drought or, on a personal level, granting success to a job-seeker so he can feed his family.

"Usually Muslims do not do that for things which are, I would say, morally neutral, and which do not have any element of human suffering," he said.

No suffering? What about that century of futility?

"I am not much for games," he allowed. "Maybe I do not realize the intensity of feeling which fans have for these things."

No. No, you do not.

On the plus side, this might solve the who's right issue once and for all. If 100 years of Catholic God failed and Allah steps up right out of the gate there may be a mass of conversions in the greater Chicagoland area in early November.

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