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Friday, April 04, 2008

Toronto locks up stars to long-term deals

Just in time for the Blue Jays' home opener, the team announced long(ish)-term deals with two of their young stars - Alex Rios and Aaron Hill.

Here are the breakdowns on the payouts, according to the Toronto Star:

The team signed two-time all-star right-fielder Alex Rios to a US$64-million, six-year extension that contains an option for the 2015 season worth $13.5 million.

Second baseman Aaron Hill inked a $12-million, four-year contract that starts this season and contains options for 2012, 2013 and 2014. The options are not year-to-year – the Blue Jays must extend him for either one season at $8 million, two at $16 million, or three at $26 million.

The keys here are four- and six-year deals that will keep both players with the Jays long enough to make a run with their current lineup. Take a look - it's really better than you think if you haven't been paying attention.

Toronto GM JP Ricciardi stressed a desire to keep home-grown talent with the organization, which seems to be the best plan for the Blue Jays if they don't intend on spending money hand over fist to compete in the AL East.

Though, with the failing American dollar, give it a few years and watch guys clamor to get north of the border to cash in after their free agent year.

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