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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

They're taking our jobs!

I'm catching a few innings of the White Sox and Indians game in Cleveland tonight during dinner and noticed a strange ad placed on the backstop.

Just to the left behind the plate, on the rotating marquee is an ad for border patrol officers. Apparently they're hiring, so there's a web site for you if you really have an ax to grind with Mexicans who are crossing illegally.

Is this the best audience to be flashing that ad in front of? Especially considering that of all sports, baseball (probably) has the largest percentage of Latinos? Tell me that the border patrol is all about keeping terrorists out of the country and not the Mexicans and I'll stop listening to you, because you are a liar.

Or running for office in a Latino district.

* Off topic, but worth updating is the little typo problem with the Ernie Banks statue at Wrigley, which was apparently fixed this morning.

I assumed it was an April Fool's joke, so I was letting it be until I went to the game today, but the story was apparently legit.

Well, OK, then. I'm sure someone's third-grade teacher is very, very proud this morning. That and it just goes to show how observant and intelligent TV news reporters are... or not.

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