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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Things are not pleasant in the 2K Sports family

It's only been a few days since Opening Day, but the posters to the 2K Sports forums are getting restless.

And more than just a little restless - users are getting banned here, people!

Logged under "The next new thread that is opened..." is this from one of the moderators, obviously sick of the gamers losing their minds that Kosuke Fukudome is still playing under an assumed name.

(For those who are totally lost, when new games come out for the next-gen, networked machines, content is updated, released and downloaded by people who own the game. After the season starts, roster updates are pushed through to update for trades, rookies, etc. This update is now a few days late and the fanboys are going bonkers.)

This little jewel from the moderator post is what made me giggle tonight:

I understand your guys frustration for the still lacking patch. But if you read my thread, I said it was imminently going to be released. It has been approved by Microsoft. You'll get it when they put it up.

You guys can complain all you want. But you're making my job a lot harder not putting all your thoughts in one thread. There is an official thread about the patch/lack thereof. The next people who open a new thread about the patch are going on vacation.

That sounds incredibly sinister for a moderator post in an open forum. I can only imagine the patience it must take to put up with spoiled 12-year-olds and angry gamers all day.

I'd still prefer to have an enjoyable, bug-free gaming experience, but it's not like I'm going to raise holy hell about it on the message boards. That's what this blog is for...

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