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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dutchie Caray is pissed

Note: I mistakenly trash-talked Comcast here, when the video clearly says, "AT&T." My mistake, I confused this with part of the Comcast media blitz. It doesn't make Dutchie any less angry or Comcast any less awful.

For a few weeks, there were some annoying commercials running in Chicago that were trying to push Comcast AT&T on us using a Harry Caray impersonator - is assume it is John Caponera again - and apparently his widow, Dutchie isn't very happy about the results.

Not that anyone should blame her, as Caponera's act seems like it was based after watching Will Farrell's impression and taking it further over the top.

While Comcast AT&T says they cleared everything with Caray's estate, they also said that they had appeared at my apartment to set up the cable when they hadn't, so I don't think Comcast has the best track record with the truth.



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