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Friday, April 11, 2008

The dangers of playing baseball in a relic

The Chicago Tribune has a story today about the corporate sponsorship agreement between the Cubs and the Chicago Board Options Exchange and their associated signage.

In a newer ballpark like Camden Yards, the team can feel free to slap up ads on everything including the ballboys if they feel like it, but thanks to Wrigley's protected status as a landmark, there's a bit of a stir over the CBOE that appears on the brickwork.

The city says it wasn't aware of the new arrangement - but honestly, with all the publicity its gotten on telecasts, how could they have missed it? - but will look into it now.

Regardless, this is one of those instances where people's memory of the past is a little rosier than the actual events. Ostensibly, this is an attempt to keep Wrigley free of corporate logos splashed from corner to corner.

The reality is that the old ballparks looks like big versions of the minor league parks of today where the outfield wall is a patchwork of ads and is less of an actual wall (see the image of Ebbets Field included with this post).

At least current laws would prevent the Cubs from selling cigarettes and whiskey to children - you know Sam Zell would try it if he could.

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