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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buy me some peanuts and foie gras

The Twins released word this week that they will be using Delaware North Companies Sportservice to handle sales of their drinks, snacks and overpriced crap at their new ballpark.

This puts Minnesota in the same type of partnership agreement with several other major league clubs - Cleveland, Texas, St. Louis, Milwaukee, the White Sox, Detroit, Cincinnati, San Diego and the Dodgers - who are already working with DNCS.

Speaking as someone who has eaten at Miller Park, this is an awesome idea.

Of course, the suits had to ruin it by unveiling their gourmet options - more than likely not available at the hot dog hut on Concourse A - which seem a little odd for ballpark fare. This tends to crop up when new ballparks are announced, but luckily for Joe Sixpack in Minneapolis, they're trying to add a little local flair at the bottom of the press release.

Of course, DNCS went the extra mile and spoke like the chess club president, trying to talk his way out of an ass-kicking by the football team by awkwardly dropping sports buzzwords.

Rick Abramson, president of Delaware North Companies Sportservice, said his company will try to localize the food and beverage options available at the Twins' new ballpark with the interests of the fan in mind. "We will pick out, with the fans, what the food will be like," he said. "We believe the Twins fans deserve a home run in the culinary area, and we plan to deliver."

For those who won't be dining out of anything fancier than a paper trough choked with nitrates, things get a little more normal.

Some different items expected to be offered at the new ballpark include walleye tacos, meatloaf and potato sliders, Asian dishes* and cheese curds. Traditional ballpark favorites like hot dogs, brats, nachos and peanuts would also be available.

I have no idea what a meatloaf slider is, but it sounds five kinds of kickass.

* Asian dishes? Are the Twins eying up the next Japanese import? From Nomo to Ichiro, this has been a hallmark when a team adds a new player from the Japanese league.

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