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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My neighbor give you lima beans and you not gonna eat them?

If there's one thing that the White Sox do well, it's promotion. Well, aside from Disco Demolition Night, of course.

I was a little disappointed when the new campaign came out this spring that features players with hand-written, cardboard signs (much like those you'd see from their fans as they stand next to the freeway and try to sell you socks and newspapers) but I guess I just needed to wait for the radio spots to start.

There are a few that are related links to the ones I'm posting below, but these were my favorites.

It's nice to have a team that can laugh at itself - which probably helps after the first-class ass kicking the Twins laid on the Southsiders last night - and I'm even more confused about where Ozzie Guillen resides on the evil genius/total moron scale now.

My big question now is whether or not Hawk Harrelson was in on the gag or was just reading the ad copy straight up. I'm guessing they told him it was a voiceover for a "Best of the Hawk" CD to be released later this year and let him do the lines straight.

(Thanks to With Leather via FanHaus via Big League Stew for finding these. There, now no one has any reason to start a flame war.)

Ozzie loves beans

Dadgum Right

Bobby Jenks throws faster than a bus



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