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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cubs headed to the South Side?

Just a quick link from this morning to get on record here with the proposal to have the Cubs play at US Cellular Field for a season in order to get Wrigley Field back up to code.

The idea is that if the state buys the property, they might want to have the Cubs share the space with the White Sox to get construction completed in one shot instead of over three years. I guess that's the problem with baseball season being roughly the same length as construction season.

This raises a number of concerns, mainly that while it would be a hometown crowd, it would mean away games all summer for the Cubs and questions about who has priority in dictating the height of the infield grass and the Cubs having short term problems of a team designed to play in Wrigley suddenly having to play in a much different ballpark.

We're not talking about the Bears playing at the University of Illinois here.

Secondarily, how many police are two many when it comes to yuppies and tourists flooding the area all summer? Would individual escorts for each fan be a good jumping off point?

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