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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad years for Cubs fans

As I was watching rebroadcasts of old Cubs games that were playing in honor of the 10th anniversary of Harry Caray's death, I caught something in between my wife judging me and actively ignoring my overwhelmingly nerdy tendencies.

As the last game Caray announced was also Ryne Sandberg's farewell to Wrigley Field's drunken chuckleheads faithful baseball fans, the overall tone of the game was the big goodbye from the Hall of Fame second baseman. For reference, the final home game of the 1997 season was an opportunity for Sandberg to take his curtain call and was Caray's last game of the season (he didn't travel for the remaining road games). Caray died in the offseason.

During the game, the WGN booth flashed a graphic to relay how some famous Cubs did in their final game. Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Billy Williams had their stats flashed across the screen.

That's the kicker - Banks retired in 1971, Santo played his last season for the White Sox and left the Cubs in 1973, while Billy Williams left the Cubs in 1974 and played out the 1975 and 1976 seasons in Oakland.

Within the course of three seasons, the Cubs saw three cornerstones of the franchise leave town or leave the game. If that won't kill the pleas to wait until next year, nothing will.

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