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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just buy a damn roof

Here's an update on the Twins new stadium, via the Star-Tribune. Apparently, the Twins have discussed the option package on their new home and have reached a decision.

According to the story:

On Tuesday, Twins President Jerry Bell told the Hennepin County Board that the team will cover $22.4 million in upgrades to the stadium plans.

They include a high-definition scoreboard and a soffit to cover the exposed beams of the canopy that hangs over the infield. And then there's Mankato limestone for the stadium's skin, additional restrooms, more concession stands and something you're unlikely to see in a ballpark outside Minnesota: three-sided "shelters" where fans can go to warm up on chilly game days.

Seriously, guys - just buy the freaking roof already.

It'll be much better than shelters with exposed heating elements like they have on the CTA.

I'll keep you posted when they look for funding for empty barrels to start fires in, should the Twins make the playoffs before global warming gets going full swing.

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