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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looking ahead to 2008 - Frontrunner Edition

USA Today got into the race early this year and have released their "What to watch" list for the American and National leagues.

Without giving it too much, thought, this is the first season since this blog went live that seem to have clear cut frontrunners in at least one league.

If I was given cash to bet on who would win the three American League divisions and could only spend two minutes to make those decisions, I think it's safe to say that the Red Sox (defending champs, no major losses, young talent and a deep farm system), Tigers (stocked up in the offseason and playing in the weak AL Central) and Angels (reloaded in another division that lacks another clear-cut frontrunner) would all be safe choices headed into this spring.

The National League gets a little trickier, with holes on most teams, but the Mets are practically a new team with the addition of Johan Santana, the Brewers have added pieces to the puzzle, while the Cubs have a total mess in their rotation and the Diamondbacks should be ready to run with their young guys.

In the NL, take a look at the Nationals - that's an impressive haul over the winter.



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