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Friday, February 01, 2008

Who doesn't love a good list?

Baseball Prospectus has released a list of the top 100 prospects and it's worth a look, even if you have no clue who half the players are.

Realistically, you'll never know who half these guys are, but the top 20 or so should ring some bells. Still, hype is fun.

It's interesting, especially on the heels of the Great Santana Chase (Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury are 2 and 16, respectively), plus it serves to give some hope to Reds and Rays fans.

Not White Sox fans, though. After raiding the farm to pick up Nick Swisher, they're left with one representative - No. 87 Aaron Poreda - who is still with the team.

Piggybacking on the Hardball blog from yesterday, Oakland now has No. 56 Gio Gonzalez and No. 46 Fautino de los Santos.

Sorry guys, hope Swisher solves all your problems. Looks like the calvary got traded for a player who wasn't even on the market.

The Cubs have two players on the list, Geovany Soto at No. 37 and Josh Vitters at No. 45. I think it's interesting that there are no Cubs pitchers on the list, which I attribute to the fact that young arms are already in the majors to plug holes. In an organization that always had a young pitcher in the wings, it's just a mild surprise when there isn't another one this year.

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