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Sunday, September 30, 2007

They couldn't find anyone better than Morandini?

Fresh off the front page of tonight is word that seven of the eight playoff-bound major league cities will have "Rally Monday" tomorrow.

It all seems pretty standard - fans gather downtown, the club will play music, the mayor will speak, etc. - but it struck me as strange that the Cubs will not only offer the city's most powerful White Sox fan in Mayor Richard Daley, but also Micky Morandini?


The Yankees do not appear to be participating, but the Padres will rally without even having a ticket to the postseason.

They will be playing the game on the Jumbotron tomorrow, though - if you're in the neighborhood in San Diego, head on over at 4 p.m., local time.

Oh, and try not to jinx the hell out of your team by participating, Padres fans. The whole thing smacks of bad juju.

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